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finally, my first voice acting role here on newgrounds

2009-10-09 15:38:46 by electricstar

I was mario AND luigi in this!

if you guys want me to voice as mario, luigi, or any other characters you need then email me, my email is on my channel info to the left. If you guys need a better perspective on my voices i can do then check out my demo reel!

<------------------------------- OVA HERE!


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2009-11-20 15:52:19

Those are good M+L voices.

electricstar responds:



2009-11-29 18:59:36

I need you to voice act here, but if you cant its okay x.cgi?board=general&action=displa y&thread=16976


2009-12-05 16:45:43

That demo reel was excellent! You definitely have talent for this :)


2009-12-11 13:14:16

Oh hey I could use you in a flash I'm making. I'll email you the lines.


2009-12-11 17:02:23

Oh snap, those Mario and Luigi voices were incredible.

I'm making a Mario-related movie at the moment but Mario won't be doing any talking. Can you do an epic typical villain voice? Kinda like the villain in Jazza's recent movie "LARRY" but it wouldn't have to be exactly like that. I'm thinking of using one of those for Bowser in my movie.


2009-12-11 17:08:24

* I forgot to mention it should probably be a deep voice, too, since it's Bowser and all. The Flash I'm making won't really be a funny Flash, so I'm not looking for a funny voice. If you would, reply to this message stating whether or not you want to voice-act the few lines I have prepared, because I'll most likely check on this page a few more times soon.


2009-12-11 18:25:14

Ah. Crap. lol I have to post one more time

Sorry, you don't have to do the voices now. I was actually able to get JAZZA to do it, so you can delete my most recent three messages if you want, as it would seem they're kinda cluttering up space. I'll probably need your awesome services someday, but it just doesn't happen to be today.

electricstar responds:

i'll be waiting =)