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the kirby collab

2010-07-14 23:26:01 by electricstar

i voice in a few of these segments (mostly by flashfireEX, the collab organizer) and i thought it turned out quite well...

still i am up to voice anything (as long as it's not "hardcore" if you know what i mean, i that case, ill politely decline the offer) so check out my earlier posts for links to my demos, its been about a half year since i made a new one... i should get to work on it...


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2010-08-28 21:39:31

Hello, can you do a Mario voice impersonation? If you approve, than lets talk in a pm,


2010-09-23 15:01:11

Hey man well done on voicing Xero in the new madness movie I would say im jealous but I don't think I could ever better what you did man it was epic, I liked how you made him sound like he was a right phsyco, so well done man I mean it.

electricstar responds:

thanks, seems the views on all of the voices are on a split base. but i just did what the director told me which voice to do, that's it.


2010-09-24 16:36:16

your voice acting was great in xioic madness 3! i loved it when you said "Make peace with your god...BECAUSE I'M COMING FOR YOUR NECKS!!"


2010-09-25 17:33:20

Youre voice acting was good on xionic madness 3
"Well we owned THOSE ASSHOLES"