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xionic madness 3 reflection

2010-10-03 21:14:32 by electricstar

Even though people are extremely on a broken base on all voice actors/actresses in xionic madness 3, we have all acknowledged this and plan to improve when XM4 comes around.

Hell, I even plan to use a new voice for him and frequently bash myself with xeros dialogue, oh self deprecation, how I abuse thee.

Even so, when va's like hnilmik and antfish do poorly too, somethings up... oh well, the producer now knows to tell people to redo lines if needed, guess we have all learned somethin' from this little experience.

I just hope people don't fully judge my vaing based on just this and immediately conclude i am a bad va. Obviously psychopathic psudo-brits aren't my strength, but there is no harm in trying to expand your skill....or lack thereof in my case.

For now, i'll stick to the voices i'm best at, and practice my weaker voices with my fellow va's who know how to do voices that I fail at.


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2010-10-06 03:15:53

I really like the voice acting in XM3, I think you made Xero sound like a badass.


2010-10-10 18:37:22

Personally I thought the voice was fine, I was considering asking you to play a crazy demon kid with that voice. I guess the dialogue could've used some work though.

electricstar responds:

I wouldn't mind playing a demon kid for you. but i have a much better demon voice than a "xero voice" email me what i should do and ill send you an example


2010-10-14 20:49:16

Hey, a few verbal inflection problems and some corny lines is all a heard that was bad. You've got potential bro, you just need to practice more. (I think; I've never voice acted in my life) BTW, have you ever seen Shaman King? In the English dub, your Xero voice reminds me a lot of Len/Ren Tao.
Keep it up!


2010-10-19 00:54:55

Actually The voice Acting was pretty Good But I Kinda Agree with you Should plan A Diffrent Voice sounding Playing As Xero.


2010-11-06 15:17:24

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