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well crap.

2010-11-26 14:05:30 by electricstar

Well Xionic madness 4 auditions closed and my role as xero just got falcon kick'd out the 50 story add insult to injury, I didn't land any of the minor roles either.

Oh well, at least XM3 was a good learning experience in voice acting, so it's not a total loss. Better luck next time for me it seems.


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2010-11-28 19:52:44

really? i thought you did an awesome job!! i guess thats life... just like how i was taking care of my sick gecko and i thought he was comming around. and then he died ='( we dont always get what we want.

or as the happy mask sales men would say:
"you've met with a terrible fate haven't you?"


2010-12-05 14:23:57

that sucks man i liked your voice as xero


2010-12-24 01:47:48

Don't worry 'bout it. Not everything in your career has to end on a positive note. Xionic Madness isn't the only successful series out there. =P


2011-01-02 13:30:28

Better luck next time, man. You do a great Mario & Luigi.


2011-01-06 05:00:58

It's A bad thing you got fired. He really should be changing voice actors like that I mean Real ppl's voices don't change that quickly. (If I can maybe i can give you a new character to be a VA for(if I can make the movie of course)


2011-02-05 07:58:18

you wont be Xero? well... thats just dumb.... that voice is tehnicaly what defined Xero, and you did a Legendary job at it :)

Their loss :)


2011-03-04 22:54:06

Aww that sucks, You were really good. You sounded very angry and insane. Ah well, live and learn right? Keep up the great work! ^_^


2011-04-03 20:56:24

But dude u are great as Xero maybe the people of newgrouds can help i guset


2011-04-10 08:48:25

say whaaaaaaaaaat!???? man you are xero how can you be fired!!!!?.